Experience the Ultimate Food Trip from Bengaluru to Jodhpur and Back

Epic Food Journey from Bengaluru to Jodhpur – Discovering the Flavors of India

Experience the ultimate Indian food travel adventure with our curated guide from Bengaluru to Jodhpur and back. Explore the diverse flavors and aromas of India’s culinary landscape, from the spicy street food of Bengaluru to the royal cuisine of Jodhpur. Indulge in mouth-watering delicacies like masala dosa, biryani, lassi, and more, each dish telling a unique story of the region’s culture and history.

Along the way, discover hidden foodie gems and local markets, where you can sample authentic dishes and ingredients. Immerse yourself in the local food scene, learning about the cooking techniques and traditions passed down through generations. 

Our Indian food travel guide provides a comprehensive itinerary, including must-visit restaurants, iconic street food stalls, and local delicacies. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just starting your culinary journey, our guide will take you on a mouth-watering adventure through India’s rich and diverse food culture. Get ready for an unforgettable Indian food travel experience from Bengaluru to Jodhpur and back.

Bengaluru >> Belgaum >> Mumbai >> Vadodara >> Jodhpur >> Ujjain >> Nagpur >> Hyderabad >> Bengaluru (Approximately 4113 km)

Experience the Magical Bond from Bengaluru to Belgaum: Plan Your Next Adventure Now!

The driving distance between Bengaluru and Belgaum is 584 km. The main places covered during the journey from Bangalore are Tumakuru, Sira, Chitradurga, Davanagere, Haveri, and Hubli. From Bengaluru, it’s recommended to take the Nice road.

Savor the Unforgettable Flavors on Your Bengaluru to Belgaum Road Trip: Top Must-Try Delicacies!

Chitradurga: Chitradurga Fort also known as Kallina Kote, a picturesque fort of Karnataka was built between the 10th and 18th centuries by the king’s various dynasties during that period which are Rashtrakutas, Kalyana Chalukyas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagar and Nayakas of Chitradurga. There are 18 temples in the upper part and one huge temple in the lower part of the fort. Famous dishes you must try in Chitradurga is Nati Koli Sambar with Ragi Ball.

Davanagere is most famous for its Benne Dose. It’s a crispy variant of Dosa savored with a super spicy chutney and plain mild Potato Palya (curry ) with butter applied generously on the Dosa.

Haveri: The name Haveri was derived from two Kannada words Havu—snake—and Keri—place—the land of snakes! This place is famous for its Cardamom Garlands. It is said that Haveri had around 1000 Mathas in ancient days. One of the famous Mathas is Hukkeri Math. Haveri is also famous for its marketing Byadagi Red Chillies, which are well-known all-over India.

Hubli, the second-largest city in Karnataka state. Hubli also has a few major places that tourists folk in. Few among them are Sidharoodha Math, Unkal Lake, Chandramouleshwara Temple, Nrupatunga Betta, etc. The specialty food here includes the wholesome Jolada Rotti Oota, the delicious Girmit, Badanikao Palya, and Dharwad Peda.

Belgaum: Located at the foothills of Sahyadri, Belgaum is a quaint destination in Karnataka. The top attractions to visit in Belgaum are Gokak Falls, Military Mahadeva Temple, Kamal Basti, Belgaum Fort, Shri Hari Mandir, etc. Kunda is a famous local sweet prepared using milk and khoya, a baked version of Kalakand which is brown in color.

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Experience the Flavors of India on a Food Travel Journey from Belgaum to Mumbai

The driving distance between Belgaum and Mumbai is 486 km. The main places covered during the journey from Belgaum are Kolhapur, Karad, Pune, and Lonavala.

Delectable Delicacies to Savor during your Journey from Belgaum to Mumbai

Kolhapur is also famous for its non-veg food recipes Kolhapur is known for the non-vegetarian meal. Tambada rassa and Pandhara Rassa, dry and fried mutton, and mutton pickle. Kheema Balls Rice is also well known as a special dish as Golyachi Biryani.

Pune is the 8th largest metropolis in India. The city is famous for the great Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj. Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale is one of the most famous sweet shops in Pune. Try not to miss out on delicacies like Misal Pav, Pithla Bhakri, Bhakarwadi, Mastani, Dabeli, Pav Bhaji, Kanda Poha, Bhajaniche Thalipeeth, and Sabudana Khichadi.

Lonavala is famous for its production of the hard Candy Chikki which is a sweet eatable thing made from different nuts mixed with jaggery. Lonavala trip is not complete if you did not eat Vada Pav @ GoldenVada Pav and Misal @ Buva’s Misal which is a local’s favorite.

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra is called the “CITY OF DREAMS” or “MAYANAGARI” as they call. Mumbai offers a culinary scene full of rich and delicious flavors. Famous dishes you must try in Mumbai are Akuri on Toast, Baida Roti, Varan Bhatt, Bombay Sandwich, Bheja Fry, Bombil Fry and of course the famous Mumbai VADA PAV.

Discover Mumbai’s Top-Rated Dishes on Your Indian Food Travel Adventure – Based on Reviews

The driving distance between Mumbai and Vadodara is 413 km. The main places covered during the journey from Mumbai are Vapi, Surat, and Bharuch.

Must-Try Delicacies on the Mumbai to Vadodara Route – A Foodie’s Delight

Vapi is located on the banks of River Daman Ganga and is located in the vicinity of the union territories of Daman and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Vapi is also Known as the City of Chemicals, it is the largest industrial area in Gujarat in terms of small-scale industries, dominated by the chemical industry.

Discover the Culinary Journey of Indian Food Travel from Mumbai to Vadodara

The cuisine of Vapi is deeply influenced by the Jain culture. Thali is a typical meal that consists of various kinds of dishes. It includes mainly rice, dal, and vegetables. Different supplements that accompany these main dishes are homemade pickles, chutney, salad, papad, and buttermilk.

Surat is known as Silk City & Diamond City. Khamani is one of the best things to grab in Surat. Surat is famous for its drool-worthy street food. Khamani offers a unique combination of ingredients like ginger, sugar, chilies, garlic, and pepper powder. Locho, Aloopuri, Undhiyu, Tomato Onion Bhajiya, Ghari, etc are also famous in Surat and one can get a real taste in Surat only.

Bharuch is a shopping center well known for its Salty Peanuts. The most popular meal is Gujarati thali, which consists of roti, dal, rice, and shaak (cooked vegetables, sometimes with curry), with accompaniments of pickles and roasted papads. Bharuch cuisine also includes varieties of sweets such as Ghari, Malai Ghari (a unique sweet of Bharuch), Khichu, Undhiyu, Khaman, Nylon Khaman, Phaphada, and Jalebi. Bharuch cuisine is quite spicy. In the cooler winter months, people eat Ponk, a roasted cereal.

Vadodara is located on the banks of the Vishwamitri River. Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum, Nazarbaugh Palace, Pratap Vilas Palace, Vadodara Museum, and Gallery, etc are the famous places to see.

Dhokla, Sev Usal, Vada Pav, Farsan, Dabeli, Poha, Kachori, Fafda & Jalebi, Kulfi, etc are the local delicacies as well as other street food available in the city.

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Indulge in the Best of Indian Food Travel on a Journey from Vadodara to Jodhpur

The driving distance between Vadodara to Jodhpur is 557 km. The main places covered during the journey from Vadodara are Ahmedabad, Abu Road, and Pali.

Discover Must-Try Delicacies on Your Vadodara to Jodhpur Foodie Road Trip

Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat and the Sabarmati River runs through its center. Gujarati food items like Khakhra, Fafda, Dhokla, Thepla, Dalvada, Dabeli, Sev, and Farsan are some of the most popular food items in Ahmedabad.

Abu Road is a city and municipality in the state of Rajasthan. One of Abu Road’s culinary attractions is the famous Rabri. A milk-based dessert which gives a sweet taste.

Pali is famous for its sweet named Gulab Halwa made from milk. This place is well known for Kulfi & Ice Cream. Pali is surrounded by the Aravali Mountain Range and at the banks of the river Bandi.

Jodhpur is a city in the Thar Desert of the NorthWest Indian state of Rajasthan. Jodhpur is famous for its Mehrangarh Fort, Blue Houses, Temples, Sweets, and Snacks.

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Explore the Journey of Indian Food Travel from Jodhpur to Ujjain

The driving distance between Jodhpur to Ujjain is 567 km. The main places covered during the journey from Jodhpur are Chittorgarh, Mandsaur, and Nagda.

Savor Must-Try Delicacies on Your Jodhpur to Ujjain Indian Food Travel Adventure

Chittorgarh used to be the capital of the Sisodia Dynasty of Mewar. The most attractive factor of this city is the Chittorgarh Fort. Top dishes of Chittorgarh are Dal Bati Churma, Lal Maas, Mohan Maas, Gatte ki Khichdi, Badam Halwa & Poha.

Samosa, Kachori, Bajra Puri, Raj Kachori & Mawa Kachori are the famous street food available in Chittorgarh.

Mandsaur is rich in archaeological and historical heritage. This place is also famous for Lord Pashupatinath Temple located on the bank of Shivna. Traditional Mandsaur food carries the tastes of Rajasthani, Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine. Shreekhand, Mawa-Bati and Khoprapak are the famous sweets available in the city.

Nagda is a major railway junction on the Delhi – Mumbai railway line. This place is situated on the bank of Chambal River. Poha, Jalebi, Samosa, Kachodi etc are the famous food available in Nagda.

Ujjain is an ancient city beside the Kshipra River in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The ‘Temple City’, Ujjain, is thronged largely by the Hindu devotees. Ujjain is also the venue for the famed Kumbh Mela. Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple is one of the 12 Jyotrilingas, which are supposed to be the most sacred abodes of Shiva. Mahakaleshwar mandir is very famous for its ‘Bhasm Aarti‘. The most popular street foods of Ujjain are Pani Poori, Sabzi Poori, Kachori, Samosa, Dal Bafle, Laddu, Poha, and Khasta Sev.

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The Best of Indian Cuisine on a Foodie Trip from Ujjain to Nagpur

The driving distance between Ujjain to Nagpur is 511 km. The main places covered during the journey from Ujjain are Betul and Pandhurna.

Must-Try Delicacies on the Ujjain to Nagpur Route

Betul is an route from Delhi to Hyderabad. Muktagiri, Balajipuram Temple, Tapti Udgam & Salbardi Shivalinga Caves are the places to visit in Betul. Thick dal & Roti, Daliya, Khtta Chiwda, and Sheekh Kebab are the most popular food here.

Pandhurna is an Indian village with farming as the major occupation. Dhokla, Khandvi, Undhiyu, etc are the popular food available here.

Nagpur is the Winter Capital of Maharashtra. This place is famous for Oranges and sometimes it’s known as Orange city.

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Exploring Indian Food and Culture: A Scenic Journey from Nagpur to Hyderabad

The driving distance between Nagpur to Hyderabad is 502 km. The main places covered during the journey from Nagpur are Adilabad, and Kamareddy.

Discover the Best of Indian Cuisine: Must-Try Delicacies on the Nagpur to Hyderabad Route

Adilabad: Adilabad is famous for its rich cultivation of cotton. Hence this place is referred as “White Gold City”. Marwadi Thali, Biriyani, Phirni, Oorru Kodi Pulusu (Chicken Curry) and Golichina Mamsam (Spicy Mutton Fried Dish) are the popular food available here.

Hyderabad: Charminar, Falaknuma Palace, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Golkonda Fort, etc are the famous tourist spots in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is also known as ‘City of Pearls’ for being a historically famous pearl and diamond trading center. Hyderabadi cuisine, also known as Deccan cuisine, Amalgamation of Mughal, Turkish and Arabic along with the influence of the native Telugu and Marathwada cuisines.

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A Foodie’s Journey from Hyderabad to Bengaluru

The driving distance between Hyderabad to Bangalore is 569 km. The main places covered during the journey from Hyderabad to Bengaluru are Kurnool, and Anantapur.

Unveiling the Best of Indian Cuisine: Must-Try Delicacies on the Hyderabad to Bengaluru Route

Kurnool City is the Gateway to Rayalaseema. Srisailam Dam, Srisailam Ropeway and Srisailam Jyothirlingas, Nallamala Hills, etc are the major tourist attractions. Uggani Bajji, a popular dish of Kurnool. Some of the most popular street food items in Kurnool are Bread Omelette, Samosa, Mirchi Pakoda, Idli, etc.

Anantapur: Dharmavaram region in Anantapur is famous for the handmade pure Silk Sarees. Anantapur is known for its tasty Biryani and South Indian delicacies, like Idli & Dosa.

Bengaluru: Bengaluru is perhaps most well-known as a Tech Hub and it’s known as the Silicon Valley of India.

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