Visakhapatnam to Jamshedpur – Jungle Safari

Visakhapatnam Railway Station – Image Credits – IM3847

A journey through the dense forests of south-western and northern Odisha as we travel from Visakhapatnam to the steel city of Jamshedpur/Tatanagar. Enjoy the twin Bondamunda Alco hauled Yesvantpur Tatanagar Express chugging along through the dense forests of Orissa including the Saranda range.

Jungle Safari on Indian Railways: Visakhapatnam to Jamshedpur via Orissa

Prime attractions in the video are the magnificent forest ranges between Paravatipuram and Titilagarh, via Rayagada, and then again between Rourkela and Chakradharpur where the train crosses the Saranda range. Courtesy the monsoons, the forests are lush green with monsoon clouds enveloping the eastern ghats. Also included are the crossings of the Mahanadi river past the Hirakud Dam and the Brahmani river.

Notable crossings include those with the Dhanbad Alleppey Express on two occasions with twin Visakhapatnam WDM3As, as well as crossings with the Ispat Express, the late-running New Delhi Bhubaneshwar Express, and the Gitanjali Express. Also, enjoy the heavy freight action along the route.

Content & Video Credits – Best of Indian Railways